Money For Kids

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Kids after completing every stage will receive a Certificate.

Learning Outcome

  • What Is An Entrepreneur
  • 6 Signs You Are An Entrepreneur
  • The Number One Trait of Entrepreneurs
  • The Number One Mistake Young Entrepreneurs Make
  • Everything You Need To Know About Money
  • Money Is Not Bad!
  • Money Is Not Hard To Make
  • You Make More Money Doing What You Love
  • Don’t Talk Bad About Successful People
  • Set A Goal Of How Much Money You Want To Make
  • You Should Want To Make A Lot Of Money
  • How To Accomplish Your Money Goal
  • How A Quarter Changed My Life
  • Money Goes To Those Who Deserve It!
  • Fake People Don’t Make Real Money
  • The Number One Sign You Will Become Rich
  • Mastering Sales As A Kid
  • How To Choose What To Sell
  • Start Selling
  • The 5 Steps To Creating The Perfect Sales Pitch
  • How To Overcome The Fear Of Selling
  • Dealing With Sales Objections
  • How To Sell Online
  • Seven Random Sales Secrets